BOL Text utility updates

The Benchmarks Online Text (Verbiage) Utility has been partially rewritten to better facilitate maintenance of the new BOL website content.

Location: (same as before)


  • Search form has been added above list of existing BOL text.
  • Search and navigation of existing BOL text is asynchronously generated.
  • The initial display is no longer the ‘Enter New’ interface. Click on the ‘Enter New’ link to display the interface. The initial display is now the list of existing BOL text data along with search form.
  • ‘Enter New’ form has been updated to support Quote classified content (minor oversight in previous version).

Finding existing BOL text is now much easier and faster!

One thought on “BOL Text utility updates”

  1. After releasing yesterday’s update I realized the utility did not support content changes for Chapters 13-16 although this content is stored in the same table. I have remedied this by making all of the menus dynamic and asynchronously updated. In the process I have added 2 new tables bol_chapters and bol_sections whose purpose is self-explanatory. The band menu options are collected from the bol_text table based on selected chapter and section.

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