image upload problem (New Items)

The researchers reported a problem uploading images while using the Add New Items section of the Items Utility.  

The researchers were unable to access the upload server directory via the fckeditor (from the fck interface, hit image upload icon and then ‘browse’ server… js error, popup interface is non-functional).  Error messages indicated a connector error.  I traced this to a setting in the fckconfig.js.  The fileBrowserLanguage setting was set to asp instead of php.  In addition, I found there were some other mods missing.  Somehow fckconfig.js was reverted back to an earlier/original version.

I found a more recent version on my local machine (last update 5/2007) which seemed to correct the problem.  However, I’m not sure when I downloaded my version (so I don’t know how old it is), and I don’t know if BS has made any revisions since 5/2007. 

This is the version I uploaded: fckconfig

One thought on “image upload problem (New Items)”

  1. I did make a change to the way FCKE is set up. I decided to move the configuration options out of the default fckconfig.js file and into an external one, which can now be found in items/includes/fckeditor. In addition to the config file there is a template definitions file and editor content stylesheet.

    It’s possible I missed some configuration options when I set up the new configuration file. I’ll have to check out the setup and see what’s going on.

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