As of cakePHP you can’t use CURRENT_TIMESTAMP as the default for a column. With MySQL when the default is set to CURRENT_TIMESTAMP the current date+time is inserted for a new row that doesn’t specifically define the value of the column.

From what I can tell, when CakePHP specifies the values for all columns when it creates a new record. A column with a defined default that is not specifically set by the user is manually set by CakePHP (rather than let MySQL handle defaults upon record insertion). But CakePHP doesn’t understand the CURRENT_TIMESTAMP keyword and so treats it as a string and wraps it in quotes. This breaks the resulting INSERT statement and you receive an error:

Incorrect datetime value: ‘CURRENT_TIMESTAMP’

Interestingly, columns that are named “created” and “modified” receive special handling by CakePHP. These columns are treated like auto-update columns by CakePHP and it sets them as expected. With the special handling of these columns in mind it is possible to get around the CURRENT_TIMESTAMP bug by following the recommended settings for created/modified columns, i.e. specifying the field as DATETIME with a default of NULL. CakePHP will automatically update the columns when inserting/updating records.