Apache Log Format Update

A note way past due.

I updated the log format for flora.p2061.org (but not the other sites on flora). Some information is not included in the default “combined” format that could help with debugging (such as user cookies). I set up a new format that is similar to the IIS W3C extended format. Two values not included that could prove useful are bytes received (%I) and bytes sent (%O). The logio_module has to be enabled to record this information. It would probably be worthwhile to add this functionality once we start placing more public content on the server. For now the following format suffices:

#Fields: date    time    c-ip    cs-host    cs-version    cs-method    cs-uri-stem    cs-uri-query    cs(Referer)    cs(User-Agent)    cs(Cookie)    sc-status    time-taken
LogFormat "%{%Y-%m-%d    %H:%M:%S}t    %h    %V    %H    %m    %U    %q    %{Referer}i    %{User-Agent}i    %{Cookie}i    %>s    %D" webapp